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    How to apply for scholarship
    How to apply Scholarship
    in Australia
    The Wave of Global Chinese Teachers
    The Wave of Global
    Chinese Teachers!
    International 1st
    Chinese Teacher Provider
    Start your pathway to ANU
    Start your
    pathway to ANU
    Tier 1 Agent - AMEC
    A University in the
    world’s top 50
    University of Queensland Language Program
    Tier 1 Agent in Australia
    Australia's leading
    design and music schools
    Griffiths University
    Tier 1 Agent in Australia
    Year 11 / Year 12
    Your pathway to the Top Universities in Australia
    Australian National University
    University of Sydney
    University of Western Australia
    Taylos College
    Tier 1 Agent in Australia
    Invest in Australia
    Property and Return
    The First and only Agent approved for
    188C SIV project in Queensland 2016
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Why Choose Us?

Because of the effect of turbulent and change in the global political scene, and the overall international situation, there has been an emergence of an increased number of International Education and Immigration business resulting in our company contact number being engaged for long periods. We kindly suggest our clients contact us through Email/ Wechat/ Mobile number. We will still provide the most professional and comprehensive service to you. Thank you for choosing AMEC.

Established in 2004, Australian Multicultural Education Centre (AMEC) set out to provide quality services and academic pathways to match the needs of overseas students desiring to further their studies in Australia. While committed to continuing this, AMEC has decided to add to its mission focus. With the combination of a professional and innovative team and creative business methods, AMEC now seeks to align itself with the Australian Government’s new -world agenda by creating opportunities in high-tech, bio-tech and medical fields, as well as, early childhood education, agriculture, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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We aim to provide quality services and accurate migration pathways to match your needs. Over the years, we’ve achieved many and the numbers below demonstrate our confidence:

  • 21476 happy clients
  • 176 number of employer sponsors
  • 21787 successful applications
  • 18 nationalities

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Case Studies

AMEC brings business connection

Business & Skilled Migration Queensland Australia (BSMQ) attended the grand opening of TOMI International’s first Australian office in Brisbane in May 2017.

Case Study – Bobbie From China

Chinese New Generation Pursues New Agricultural Technology What do you want to study in Australia? Australia has the world class

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