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知名澳洲雅思權威, 雅思專業教學超過30年

Dr. Jacqueline Bird
Ph. D History
Awarded Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Theses,
B. Art, Hons
TAA (Training and Assessment)

Ms. Marian Curtis
Master of Education (ESL)
, Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Adult Education
TAA (Training and Assessment)

Mr. John Stanley
Master of Linguistics for TESOL, Master of Science, Background Teaching in Melbourne University, QUT and RMIT. Higher Diploma in Adult Education
TAA (Training and Assessment)

Ms. Yvonne Seabrook
Master of Education (TESOL),
B. Science, Hons
TAA (Training and Assessment)

Mr. Robert Fitz-Walter
Master of Education
Grad. Cert. (TESOL)
TAA (Training and Assessment)

Ms. Jeanette Muldoon Hijzai
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Graduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching, Licentiate Diploma in Speech and Drama Teaching, TAA

Mr. Matthew Houston
Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics (TESOL)
BA. Education
Queensland College of Teachers

Security Check / 驗證碼