Boot camp for Lo Ng


Hi all, my name is Lo Ng from Hong Kong. I am writing this testimonial to testify my achievement in AMEC IELTS Course. The secret to IELTS 7.0 has become a fact and truth in my life after 14 weeks of hardwork and dedication.

At the beginning, I overheard from my friend’s achievement through AMEC IELTS. After I attended the trial-lesson, immediately I enrolled into AMEC IELTS Course. Throughout the whole period of studying, I cannot say it was easy and comfortable. But it is rather difficult and just like a “BOOT CAMP” as described in its advertisement. However the price was paid and return is there.

AMEC IELTS’s trainers are very professional. The course itself never promote easy lesson nor easy tests, it is based on the aim of ‘No Pain No Gain’ philosophy; and it perfectly reflects to what I need.

Now, I am an achiever of an IELTS Score of average 7.5 with all bands above 7. The dream had come true and I am on my way to my bright career in Australia.

I wish to share my experience to everyone out there, although the past 14 weeks had been a tough and stressful weeks; but they really did pay out!!!

Lo Ng

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