Checklist to Practice and Improve Your English Everyday


The Key to Mastering English Before Your International Exchange

When it comes to learning a new language, practice really does make perfect!

Instead of having to spend hours studying English books, make it a habit to practice a little bit every day.

Whether you’re preparing for your international exchange or have already made Australia your home, it’s important to keep using what you already know and expand your vocabulary.

We’ve made practicing your English every day easy by designing two english speaking tips checklists you can use to tick of simple daily tasks.

Why Are Your English Language Skills Important?

While you’re living, studying and working in Australia, you’ll need to use English every single day to talk to people and understand what’s going on. It’s essential to work on your:

  • Speaking skills – to talk to friends, teachers and workmates
  • Listening skills – to understand what friends, teachers and your workmates have to say or want you to do
  • Writing skills – to be able to complete your university or college classes and get good grades
  • Reading skills – to read course material, books, local newspapers and magazines

It’ll also help you to pass your IELTS exam which is one of the requirements for student visa to Australia. The IELTS test is a task-based test that assesses the four areas of English speaking listed above. The results you need depend on the program you’d like to be accepted into.

What’s the Best Way to Learn English?

Improving your English skills is easy! All it takes is a bit of regular practice.

Daily English While Preparing to Immigrate to Australia

Before you move to Australia, some of the things our ‘Preparing to Immigrate to Australia’ checklist will encourage you to do include:

  • Making friends with a native English speaker or someone who’s fluent at the language
  • Chatting to your English friends online or via Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp or any other Voip programs.
  • Having an ‘English hour’ every night
  • Watching English tv shows and movies
  • Keeping an English diary and writing in it every day.

Daily English While Living in Australia

Once you’re living in Australia, continue to build on your skills with our ‘Immigrated to Australia’ checklist. Some of the fun ways this will encourage you to keep practicing English include:

  • Joining an English-speaking club or society
  • Watching and listening to local tv, radio or podcasts
  • Continuing to write in your English journal about your experiences
  • Answering questions in class and participating in group projects

By using these checklists every day, you’ll see your English language skills improve quickly and you’ll have fun doing it!

At AMEC, we understand the challenges international residents face to adjust to a new language and culture, hence why we aim to provide high quality English training services to help you with your immigration.

If you have already moved to Australia, check our post on places to work as student to improve your english. If you are preparing for IELTS Exam, you can learn more about our 8 Week IELTS Course that covers all 12 topics that you need to know for the IELTS exam.

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