IELTS 7 School

Yes, you find AMEC IELTS 7 School!

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone. Since AMEC IELTS 7 school was established in 2011, we have, with professionalism, love and unyielding faith, made a breakthrough in the management of English- teaching schools in Australia. Because of this, our school has become an excellent IELTS-teaching centre with highest passing rate. We have also been awarded Lard Mayor Multicultural Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, which is the best acknowledgement to our teaching team and every colleague in AMEC.

As 2018 is a new year, our IELTS School is going to make a new breakthrough. For the past 7 years, many of our clients have constantly encouraged me to open branch schools in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Our school being located in Sunnybank has been inconvenient for many students.

Considerable private tutors have surfaced due to this factor. Thus, I have benn thinking: how can I carry forward our management style to influence more English-teaching schools in Australian market? How can I awake the importance of quality teaching in this industry so that more students can benefit from us? I believe that the value of teaching lies in the respect to teachers, thus, we have decided that we will work with our partner schools to expand our campuses to influence of our teaching ideology.

Therefore, the on-campus IELTS 7 courses will be terminated at the end of 2017. From 2018, we will recommend you if you want to look for the IELTS 7 program, we will recommend you into these schools which we respect their teaching quality and services on International students.

Please book the IELTS online program if you are still looking for an IELTS advance training.

Thank you very much and please contact our marketing team to discuss the enrolment with our face to face partner schools, from AMEC to apply these partner schools, you can wave the application fees, and also, we can book a trial lesion for you first to make sure you are happy for the program at our partner schools. If you still need to book an formal IELTS test in Australia, you can still book by the link as follow, we are still the formal partner with IETLS Test centre.


Yvonne Chu
Director and Founder of AMEC

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