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Flinders University

Why the Flinders University?

At a glance

  • Flinders University is a public research university in Adelaide, South Australia. In 1966, British navigator Matthew Flinders explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century.
  • Flinders is a verdant university and a member of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group. Academically, the university pioneered a cross-disciplinary approach to education, and its faculties of medicine and the humanities have been ranked among the nation’s top 10.
  • The 2021 Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top universities ranks Flinders in the 251 – 300th bracket.

The reasons you should choose Flinders

  1. Housing – Flinders is the only South Australian university with on-campus accommodation in the Adelaide metropolitan area. There are two options:
    • University Hall (catered)
    • Deirdre Jordan Village (self-catered).

    For off-campus accommodation, Flinders Housing runs a free, up-to-date accommodation service that lists private accommodation available on the rental market.

  2. Media – The students’ Association of Flinders University (SAFU) published Empire Times from 1969 to 2006. The founder and first editor of the newspaper were Martin Fabinyi, and the newspaper was originally printed in the back of his house by fellow student Rod Boswell. Empire Times had a history of controversial humour and anti-establishment discussion. Former editors and contributors included Martin Armiger and Greig (HG Nelson) Pickhaver, Steph Key and Kate Ellis. Empire Times ceased publication in 2006 as a result of voluntary student unionism but resumed in 2013.
  3. Sports – Flinders University has many sports teams that compete in social and competitive competitions. Flinders University currently has 22 affiliated sporting clubs. These clubs range from social-based to highly competitive sporting clubs, including Aikido, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, CrossFit, Football, Hockey, Kendo, Korfball, Lacrosse, Men’s Soccer, Muay Thai, Netball, Quidditch Squash, Ultimate Frisbee, Underwater, Volleyball, Wing Chun and Women’s Soccer. Additionally, Flinders University students have the capacity to go away to annual university games events and compete in a range of sports while representing the university.
  4. Advanced technology – Unique innovation and entrepreneurship offerings are supported by the Flinders New Venture Institute, a global entrepreneurship leader located at the University’s high-tech Tonsley campus. In contrast, its Victoria Square campus provides an alternative study space in the heart of the city. In addition, an award-winning, state-of-the-art student hub at the main Bedford Park campus fosters interactive learning in a digitally enabled environment. Programs at Flinders University are regularly reviewed with industry partners to ensure advances in technology are incorporated in all curriculums, framing new courses, course content or investments to support outstanding student learning.
  5. Research strengths – Flinders University’s research strengths include biomedical and clinical sciences, culture, policy and society, health and medicine, mental health and human behaviour, molecular science and technology, defence, engineering, water and environment.  Its research contributions are rich and growing, with some 90 per cent ranked at or above world-class by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). With a mission to change lives and change the world, our researchers are addressing challenges of local, national and global significance to deliver outcomes for the betterment of society. They do this by boldly and bravely contesting ideas, adopting new approaches, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge to uncover new insights and learnings.

Let’s explore the campus!

  • Whether you are enjoying the leafy surrounds of the Bedford Park campus, immersed in the CBD at Victoria Square, or contemplating the industries of the future at our state-of-the-art Tonsley facility, Flinders prides itself on offering students a great on-campus experience.
  • There’s also the option to study online, giving you the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you’re located.


Pathways to Flinders

  1. Year 12 students: Flinders offers a wide variety of undergraduate degrees in various study areas. There are several pathways and preparatory programs available to you, meaning you don’t just need to rely on your ATAR as a way of getting into Flinders.
  2. Adult entry students: At Flinders, we understand you may have different pressures than someone straight out of high school. That’s why we offered a wide range of degrees with flexible study options and tailored support to help you work-study around your other commitments.
  3. Postgraduate students: When it comes to boosting your qualifications and being ready for the challenges of the future, a Flinders postgraduate degree will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to take your career to the next level.
  4. Indigenous students: Be part of a growing community of Indigenous students who have chosen to learn, grow and thrive in a place where you and your aspirations are valued and respected.

Study Options



  1. Benford Park: Located just 12km south of the centre of Adelaide, the Bedford Park campus is Flinders’ main campus. It’s a spacious, elevated site with panoramic views to the coast and over the city. Our Student Hub offers 24/7 study spaces and access to all student services in one convenient location.
  2. Victoria Square: Located in the heart of Adelaide CBD, Flinders at Victoria Square is an accessible, alternative and flexible space for students and staff. We teach various courses and topics and provide general information to students who want to study at Flinders.
  3. Tonsley: Flinders’ Tonsley campus is a $120 million hub of innovation that centrally locates the University’s teaching and research in computer science, artificial intelligence, defence and national securities, autonomous vehicles, information technology, engineering and mathematics.
  4. North Territory: Flinders NT delivers the Northern Territory Medical Program (NTMP), provides student placement and workforce capacity support through the Remote and Rural Interprofessional Placement Learning (RIPPL NT). Another key team is the Flinders NT Regional Training Hub, which, in collaboration with stakeholders, is tasked to develop further capacity for NT medical specialists and rural generalist training,g thereby addressing workforce needs.


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