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I WANT GOOD IELTS SCORE! - EVENING SMART fee Guarantee Class now open for enrolment

ielts_book.jpgGetting a good IELTS score has become one of themajor trends of all overseas students nowadays.

The ever-changing Migration Law across all westerncountries in the recent years, which includes USA, England, Canada, Australiaand New Zealand, had caused many troubles on its application for PermanentResidency (PR) or further visas.

One of the emphases of its changes is upon risingof English level of all visa categories. All Governments believe such rising ofstandards could improve the unemployment rate and assist more skilled migrantsto settle in the countries.

As part of professional sector within the educationindustry, AMEC in Brisbane always keeps its step as closed as to changes.

We understand many of you, are currently full-timestudents or employed. The team specialised in IELTS teaching in AMEC togetherwith IELTS examiners, had developed a new program, which could be easily adaptedby you while you are in full-time studying or working mode.

The program is designed to fit within your scheduleand utilizing the spare time by not putting too much stress in timely manner.

If you are currently studying full-time or workingfull-time, and are considering to improve your IELTS level over time, thisprogram will be a very suitable choice for you.

1~8 week:$125 per week, from 5.5~6.0

9~12 week:$110 per week, from 4.5~5.5

13~16 week:$95 per week, from 4.0~6.0 

Night time class timetable: every Mon, Wed and Thurs from 

17:30 to 20:00, we give you the best IELTS evening class training! 


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