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Characteristics of “Purchasing real estate to pay tuition” in Australia

6 factors why the Australian real estate industry is hot:

Compared to the confusing and complicated circumstances of the property market in China, Australia offers a relatively stable environment as well as preferential policies, appealing to many investors from China.

  1. Big country with abundant raw materials—Compared to Europe and America, Australia is of high living standard, but its cost of living remains lower than that of major European countries and America. The gap between rich and poor in Australia remains small and the crime rate is low.
  2. Pleasing climate—Due to comfortable living conditions and constructions of cultural infrastructures, the latest ranking of liveable cities released by The Economist revealed that 4 cities in Australia were ranked top 10.
  3. Stable market—According to the analysis of authoritative economy commentary institution, in recent 30 years the value of Australian real estate market doubles every 7 years in average. Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and Financial Crisis in 2008 did not impact its economy.
  4. Permanent land-ownership and inheritance rights—Compared to the Chinese laws which stipulate that one’s land-ownership only lasts for 70 years, investing in the Australian real estate market offers a better opportunity for one to allocate assets more reasonably.
  5. High loan—Foreign investors can borrow up to 80% of the property value in Australia, and they can also apply for mortgage loan with local property. This is hard to achieve in Northern European countries and America. Even in England the highest amount one can borrow is 75% of the property value.
  6. There are no inheritance taxesand property taxes—The professional “one spot” transaction system in the Australian real estate market saves the Chinese investors a lot of time and enables them to finalise the purchase easily and fast. After the transaction is made, the investors are also entitled to renting services and professional management of the property.



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