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Lan Le from Vietnam

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Yvonne: Okay, today we are very happy and I’m so excited to invite one of our students Lan from Vietnam. She wants to share her IELTS study experience in AMEC, and her recent result has been excellent. Four 8s!

Lan Le: 8.5 in total.

Yvonne: Wow, 8.5. My goodness, that’s a score I will never reach. And… Anyway, Ok, Oh. We just want to quickly ask you, Uh… What do you think, what’s the best way to get a high score in IELTS in a short time?

Lan Le: Well, uh… first of all, thank you for inviting me and to answer your questions what is the way to improve the IELTS score in the shortest time.

Uh… I think there are two ways that I focus on the most of the time. Uh… the first one is I think it’s always good to have a well prepared learning plan.

So my way is…. first of all, I tried to study by myself for one or two months and I couldn’t get my writing score, so that’s why I came up with an idea to go to school, and I chose AMEC to study English and from that I got help from my teacher – Matthew, and I had established by my old way of learning.

Uh… I try to figure out my mistake in doing all the questions and I try to figure out what are the common mistakes and what I can improve so that I don’t make that mistake again, and I found that really helped me to avoid making those mistakes.
Because this is normally one or two typical ways, where we get stuck in our mind and we keep making the same mistakes.

So, if you can resolve that, then you can improve your score very quickly and I think the most important thing is we need to identify our way of learning.

Because I understand that some people learn by talking to others, like when I see the new words, if I talk with you and explain that one. I can remember that very quickly.

Yvonne (2m:49s): Yes.

Lan Le (2m50s): Some people as is the case for me, I even see new words and I just write down that word repeatedly 2 or 3 times that I can remember the word. Some even people try to use their body language to explain that word to somebody else. So, there are so many different ways of learning. And if you can know what type of learning method you are used to, then you can get better very fast when learning new words in IELTS.

Yvonne (3m23s): Ok, only two points.

Lan Le (3m25s): I think there’s a lot more to talk about.

Yvonne & Lan Le (3m26s): Laughing…

Lan Le (3m27s): They are two points to help me get the way I study.

Yvonne (3m31s): Yeah, so the first is do not make the same mistakes, Oh that’s really hard.

Lan Le (3m36s): Yes, I think that’s very general to say, but…it’s actually not that hard. For example, when doing my reading test and I have five mistakes. I think normally, people will just see the answer and try to understand why it is not to be. But in my case I will find out what I was thinking when I chose it.

Yvonne (4m00s): Oh, that’s a good point.

Lan Le (4m03s): What was I thinking and why I chose it, even I make four mistakes, but I have the same way of thinking which is wrong, and it is sticking in my head. So if I can improve my thinking in a different way, then I will not make four mistakes that just happened once. So, that’s the way I started before I came to AMEC. I think I had 7.5 in reading already and in that test I got 9, just by using that way.

Yvonne (4m33s): Yeah, all right. Okay, and what’s the second point? Second point is uh… Oh!

Lan Le (4m39s): The leaning method?

Yvonne (4m41s): Yeah, the leaning method, Oh~ yeah. Actually, students who want to get four 7s is different from four 8s. For four 8s actually you are challenging yourself, right?

Lan Le (4m56s): Yeah, I think it can be more challenging to get four 8s, but that leaning method I think applies to everyone and I think I was lucky when I read a research article on how people memorize things and how they can learn and I know that they are following ways of learning and I just listed out two or three methods too, but if you can find out the easiest way for you to memorize then you can get better very fast.

Yvonne (5m32s): Ok, so how do you feel about AMEC our IELTS 7 school.

Lan Le (5m37s): Well, um…first thing when I recall my experience….

Yvonne (5m43s): You are from Melbourne, Right? You are from Melbourne to…. We are located in Brisbane, so you…you…you flew here. I mean, that is a big decision, to choose to fly here and study with us.

Lan Le (6m01s): Well, I spent a year in Melbourne, then I moved here to study at UQ. When I first started by myself and then, I found out that I struggled with my English score, and I just choose AMEC without any introduction from friends, and I am very happy I made this decision because what attracted me more is this place, this is so much fun. I think everyone knows IELTS is so boring and when I started with Matthew, he makes everything so easy.

Yvonne (6m41s): Yeah, you met a very good teacher.

Lan Le (6m42s): You know I get excited every morning going to the school. And I had really fun time. That the same time of the strategy that Matthew teaches us, it works so well in my case and he also motivates us to study and give us a very fun environment that’s what I appreciate most.

Yvonne (7m08s): Okay, Okay, and thank you so much. Do you want to say one sentence to tell those students who haven’t got the result that you want to encourage them, only one sentence you think will encourage them.

Lan Le (7m29s): I normally get 150 words in task one.

(Laughing………………) It can be hard for me. I think if you are dying to pass, which is what I felt when I went to AMEC to study, and if you have that motivation, I think you will definitely succeed. It’s just that only need some time to find the way, which is the right way to pass, that’s all. Laughing……… That was five sentences.

Yvonne (8m02s): Thank you so much today, thank you.

Matthew (8m06s): Because the teachers love to help you out, and the teachers love to answer all your questions, they really work hard for you. Come on time!

Yvonne (8m14s): Ok, Yes! We are the highest passing rate IELTS School in Australia, so trust us…. Oh the other thing is……

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